Unsere gemeinsame Sprache im Team ist Englisch. Daher ist auch diese Anzeige in Englisch. ✌️

We build Hello Meet to finally make scheduling quick & fun.

We’re hiring a Senior Developer (React/Rails) Position
is closed

Freelance or employed – 3 to 5 days a week – in Hamburg, Germany

Opportunity to do Event Sourcing, Software Architecture, Hypothesis-Driven Development, Jobs To Be Done, Product Field, Wardley Map, grow a product, grow a company.

Updated on February 11, 2019

We believe meeting and talking to our friends and peers is essential for our well-being. As our lives change, finding time to meet can be a struggle. That's when people install our app.

We build a product to scratch our own itch.

We are a very small team with skills in frontend, backend, design, illustration, product, strategy, brand and processes. We speak German and English. We are privately funded.

We already see proof for the value of our product. Now we want to greatly increase the quality and prepare it for growth.

Here's what you might work on

Working on these projects usually means working closely with team members from product, design and strategy. Observing the effects of changes in a usability test and statistics. And accompanying coffee shop tests to quickly validate small iterations with people in – you guessed it.

We want you to focus on the architecture of frontend and backend. You don't need to know CSS, animations, gestures or transitions. If you do, it's a plus.

Your skills & experiences

You might have a degree in computer science, but that’s not of interest to us. We care that you know your stuff. No matter how you got there.

We are looking for an experienced software developer who feels comfortable in multiple layers of our stack. Currently we use:

If you are a professional in some of these and are willing to learn most of these, we want to get to know you! It’s ok if you only know Rails, but not React, or vice-versa.

How we work

We're not rockstars or ninjas. We like to work at a healthy pace.

We support each other. And we allow others to challenge us. We have the constant will to improve. We want to learn.

Our deployments are stress-free, because of an almost complete test coverage. We use automatic daily updates for our gems. Our code is in healthy shape.

We are generalists and specialists. We review each other’s approaches and results. We have accumulated deep knowledge in the domain of scheduling informal meetings. And we use data and quality insights to inform our decisions.

We work in our quiet and relaxed open office in a green courtyard in Ottensen, very close to Hamburg Altona train station. We didn’t have the need to work remotely, yet. If that’s important to you, we welcome your help to make that a reality.

If you have never been a freelancer and want to become one, we will accompany you on that journey. If you want to become a co-owner, that’s an option as well. Your kids are sick? Take the days off. No problem.

Sounds like your ideal work?

Let’s meet!

Please send your application to [email protected]. Make sure to include your desired pay, weekly hours, holidays and when you could start.

Have a question or want to drop by at our office? Call our founder Robert at +49 178 3296 579.

We can’t wait to hear from you!